Infinity-Filter acts as a firewall to stop malicious traffic bots, exploits & DDoS attacks

You and your server can feel safe from malicious users. We also enforce load balancing to your backend servers based on player count.


Why Infinity-filter and not another service you might ask. Well we provide a blazing fast dedicated support to help you in case you need it, and thats what really make a difference.

Load balancing

If you setup multiple backend server we will load balance the players.

Complete layer protection

With us all the network layers are protected from attacks.

Custom antibot

Our antibot will handle any type of bots if they are sent at high speed.

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Custom settings

You are able to customize the antibot settings to fit your needs.

Alerted when attacked

You will receive a complete overview of the attack in real time.

Intelligent pricing

You are only charged for what you are using, no extra fees.

Some networks that trust us.

These people believe in us, why don't you ?

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Start protecting your server now

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